The perfect steel for the knife blade

We use Vanax and harden the steel directly at Uddeholm to about 58HRC.

Uddeholm hardens the steels in the HIP vacuum furnace, resulting in perfect micro grain retention.

This process is absolutely high-tech, unfortunately very expensive. That is one of the reasons for the high blade price.

Sharpest knife steel

You will not find this perfect and homogenous structure with any knife worldwide that a knife maker has hardened manually.

Not even with the broad mass of knives which were hardened in a continuous furnace and afterwards quenched in ice water.

The Vanax steel already has its optimum wear resistance at 58HRC.

A higher hardness would not achieve any improvement.

The LOLEX knife comparing to a Damast knife

Compared to damascus knives, which are very intensive care and only cut very sharply after sharpening, the LOLEX knife is suitable for everyday use.

Vanax is extremely resistant to pitting.

Knives with high hardness, for example from SB1, break out again and again and therefore have to be sharpened.

Damascus knives also suffer from acids, here Vanax is unbeatable.

In our test dishwasher, a polished vanax steel has been rinsed for 1.5 years, it still looks like the first day.