The most advanced knife ever

Is it possible today to thoroughly renew an item such as a cooking knife? Is there still something to work on after decades of of progress? The answer is: yes.

Culture, lifestyle, work – everything is changing constantly. This simple fact demands a quality procedure. To recognize the essentials and create a new form needs intensive reflection.

While the cooking knife LOLEX seems like a spontaneous idea at first glance, in reality it is a product of an intensive search – the search for balanced harmony between human and thing and surroundings and everything essential for beautiful work.

Limited Edition

Ergonomic handle for left- and right-handers
Blade made of very hard and stable Steel, with a long-lasting sharpness

Professional appearance. Brilliance without (ex)aggeration.

The refining of the ordinary.

Function consists of more than simply mechanical processes. The fulfilling of emotional need is also a product of good design. Simply put: LOLEX is beautiful. And useful, because it is beautiful. LOLEX unites traditional forging craftsmanship, highest precision and functional design made in Germany.


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amateur chefs

For left- and

Gerhard HingerInventor of the LOLEX knife

Every corner of this knife has a function.

Julian SchuderHappy Customer

Long sharp - long joy of life - long joy.

Lisa GudiHappy Customer

Very easy to grind. Also for me as a left-hander.

Mara GalstererHappy Customer

I have never seen such a beautiful knife that fits so well with our kitchen.


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